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July 16, 2009

What is the single most important question
you have about
how to audition effectively?

Be the first 10 to submit your question*, and get a free copy of Audition Success: 5 Critical Steps — Claims Jim Helsinger, Artistic Director of The Orlando Shakespeare Festival: “…producing a 10-show season, I see over 1,000 auditions each year.  Audition Success outlines the same mistakes I see time after time…unprepared actors giving away their power, doing inappropriate pieces, and apologizing for their work… Read this book”!

What part of the audition process gets in your way most?  Are you cool as a cucumber until it’s your turn?  Do you feel like you’re always met with the cold shoulder?  Is it the preparation of your audition pieces that is most difficult?

Ask the Audition Pro!  I can help.

*Only legitimate questions about the audition process will be 
considered.  The first ten legitimate posts will be awarded a 
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